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Cincinnati Reds Elephant, etc.

I have a selection of Cincinnati Red things just in time for the playoffs (manufactured in no way to spite Pittsburgh) — an elephant, a warm head-band, and…

Drawn Elephant

An elephant in progress, former umbrella+sharpie.

Loop Handle Purses: Masked Avengers and Happy Elephants

Loop Handle Purses!  They are simple & full of potential — reversible, closable and cute (somewhere in between a full blown purse and a wristlet pouch).  I like…

The Orange Satin Elephant Mirror

Another Elephant Wall Mirror – this time in orange satin, with lots of scraps deployed for elephantine purposes.  On sale at my Etsy site now!

Elephants Unstuffed

Four elephants, made from my pattern, from St. Bernards upholstery fabric — not yet stuffed, but soon!

Puerto Rico, Things I Love pt. 2

There was a wonderful airy shop on Plaza de Colon, full of fabrics, bags, and these wonderful doll-statuettes.  Religious some of them, but with curious stoic faces.  I…

The Elephant Circle Mirrors

I just completed four new Elephant Circle Mirrors, out of fabric scraps, ex-blankets, and old LP record albums.  One Blue Satin, one Orange Satin, a Purple Denim one,…

The Elephant Bags

Elephant!  I’ve returned to my elephant obsession, this time in the form of decals.  Everything can be sewn with an elephant, with the trunk up with good luck. …