Category: Elephant

Drawn Elephant

For sale for $20!  Just send me a note if you’re interested. Drawn on one side on white cotton, the other side in sky blue silk, and undercarriage…

Elephant Drawn, Stamped, Markered

Some patterned elephants, for use in making some more stuffed elephants.

Cincinnati Reds Elephant, etc.

I have a selection of Cincinnati Red things just in time for the playoffs (manufactured in no way to spite Pittsburgh) — an elephant, a warm head-band, and…

Drawn Elephant

An elephant in progress, former umbrella+sharpie.

Elephants, Monsters, Turtles

Some elephants, monsters, and turtles that I will be selling in Cincinnati at the end of the month….

Elephant Factory

It was a mini elephant factory this weekend, thanks to a boxful of electric and velvet fabrics from Alice! I made ten, half with glasses, half without, but…

Elephants Unstuffed

Four elephants, made from my pattern, from St. Bernards upholstery fabric — not yet stuffed, but soon!

Make Your Own Elephant – A Tutorial

Here they are, detailed + illustrated instructions on how to make your very own Elephant!  Find out exactly what you need to do here, at this Make Your…

The Elephant Bags

Elephant!  I’ve returned to my elephant obsession, this time in the form of decals.  Everything can be sewn with an elephant, with the trunk up with good luck. …