Into the land of NFT art

Over winter break, my project has been to dream up some digital art & story collections that I can list on NFT marketplaces. It’s a way to make…

Michigan, Blue Lake pattern print

This drawing started in the summer of 2020, when I thought about making an alphabet for the Michigan cottage I was staying at. I made lots of drawings…

Little Free Art Box

We built a small art gallery (or art box) on our front sidewalk. It’s a public, kid art project I’ve been thinking about for a long time. So…

Collingswood, New Jersey Neighborhood Map

I drew this high detailed neighborhood map of Collingswood, New Jersey on special request. If you like it — or would like a similar kind of map for…

Still life with sewing scissors

A watercolor still life of the random stuff the kids leave behind, and the beautiful orange of sewing scissors

Kid crystals

My 7 year old is a drawing kid, he loves making these organic crystals this month.

Folk art bird

Folk art drawings, for a yellow bird, on a long car ride

Pen and ink outside of Stanford bookstore

This one is almost 10 years old, when I was still a law student. I discovered it again.

Watercolor of boy reading about Italy

Another in the cozy reading series of watercolors

Watercolor house in dots

A watercolor portrait of a house, in small strokes & lots of white space.

Sunnyvale faces

A watercolor of quick portraits of people around my neighborhood.

Boy playing guitar in pinks

A work in progress, acrylic paints on pink painted wood  

Woman reading in reds

Reading watercolors, this time in reds

Boy reading in golds

I am doing a series of reading in chairs! This is a watercolor from July.

Boy reading in blues

Another watercolor, of comfy reading. This time in blues!

Night time in colors

I painted this on a black foam board with acrylics. Inspired by books of city lights at night, but more in shapes & colors

Thursday in the afternoon in repose

Garden until tomorrow

A bunch of grapes

a quick sketch on the ipad, of grapes on the vine

Sunnyvale downtown map

from a drawing session with the kids: draw your neighborhood!

Yarnbombing my own yard (plus plant-bombing too)

I have wanted to do lots of public art — murals, yarn bombs, street art, painted sidewalks. But there are lots of rules and warnings about how to…

Santa Clara County neighborhood city map

I have been drawing more maps! This time from my home, Santa Clara County. Here is a map of Silicon Valley and all its neighborhoods and cities. You…

Painted planter transformation: plastic to fantastic

I am doing lots of painting with the kids, and using all kinds of surfaces to decorate. I took one of the hanging black Planters that’s been around…

The Ice Cream Melts over the castle

An update from our continuing castle series book. The Ice Cream Has Melted!

Paddle Boat watercolor

A view from the dock at Blue Lake…

Lake Mural

All the favorite things at the lake, a collaboration with 2 little ones.

Blue Lake in watercolors

A view from the front porch around 5pm

Wild Flowers scribbles

Some scribbly practice with the little kids, flower flower flowers!

A Tram Across Melbourne

We worked on this together, 2 boys and I, during our trip to Australia last year. Don’t Hit the Wombat!