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A drawn law conference

I rescued these drawings from a legal innovation conference I went to a few years ago — they are not totally clear, but at least a fleeting glimpse…

Stanford Law School mapped

From back when I was a student. Though it hasn’t changed that much in 5 years…

Lawyers and everyone else

A doodle that I colored in as I was trying to think of some illustrations for a consumer law project.

Drawing of a lawyer

Sketchnote on cyberlaw

I have been going back through old notes from law school. Here’s one from 2012, from my class on Big Problems of the Internet.

Humans in the financial system, some sketches

Over the past two years I have been so focused on legal design, only now am I realizing how common the same challenges (and potential solutions) are to…

Advice from a lawyer, if you are going to do something stupid

a cartoon from law school days, one lawyer’s advice to everyone planning on doing things of questionable intelligence

Conference Poster for the Canadian Bar Association

I created this inforgraphic-as-conference-poster for the Canadian Bar Association this summer, for their conference in Newfoundland. I tried to keep it simple, lively & colorful.

Drawn Law: First Degree Murder

This little horrible illustration is a visual mnemonic that I made while studying for the Bar. I was trying to memorize the requirements a killing would have to…

Drawn Law: Statute of Frauds

A sketch to memorize some contracts law.

Law School Sketches: Property Notebook

As Bar Studying goes into high gear, some glimpses back into random old sketches from my 1L notebook…

Evidence Law Flowchart: Admissibility Checklist

Another law flowchart — expect more as studying for the Bar goes up to high gear (or at least, a gear).

Face Privacy Cream

A quick legal cream concept sketch!

Law Dojo Art!

I have been maniacally trying to build out a small, glorious world of Smart Law Games over the past 6 weeks.  You should go check out my apps-in-progress,…

Evidence Law Flowchart: Is A Statement Trustworthy?

Another Drawn Evidence flowchart, I am trying to think of how to integrate these visuals into my Law Dojo app…

Supreme Court Bobbleheads

I made these little (current) Supreme Court bobbleheads for some new games in my Law Dojo apps.  I am programming out Which Supreme Court Justice Are You? diagnosis…

International Law & Armed Conflict

Flowcharts for Evidence

Here are some of my bizarre, gargantuan flowcharts for my Evidence class.

Finance Notes as Drawings

Here is my formula sheet for my law class on finance, with all of my notes sketched out…

Drawn Negotiation: 2 Styles

Another cartoon version of my notes from Negotiation…

Drawn Evidence: Prejudice-Probativeness Balancing

Some simple sketches for tomorrow’s Evidence Final, to weigh whether evidence would prejudice the jury against a party so much that it outweigh the value of the evidence…

I am smaller than the Law

Finals time!

Law Students on Law School

Solving the Crisis in US Law


Sketched Negotiation Styles, part 1

Three of five negotiating styles, profiled from my sketchy notes from law school Negotiation class.   A wallpaper-gift wrap print of my drawings from Negotiation class collaged together…

Understanding Hearsay

The Twin Crises of Law

A quick sketch from Law Without Walls….

Tax Flow: Are employee discounts taxable income?

A drawing from Federal Income Tax class — no people drawing, just colors — playing with shading to guide the flow…

You are Not Smarter Than The Market

The Future of Law, David Wilkins