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Pattern design of tree and flowers

After my recent travels, I have fallen in love with bright color patterns, here is a 5 minute one from my phone during a call. Pattern designs!

My job is to measure the world

First the kids drew the world, then I drew them, and then they told me what to write

Henry Bowl is a 3 eyed monster

A collaboration with my 4 3/4 year old

7 houses

A block of color, from the ipad

The train from Amsterdam to Groningen

From the train window, Amsterdam to Groningen, sheep and clouds

What I could have bought in Amsterdam

Last November edition

It is a Starbucks actually

Groningen, when I was early for my train

Amsterdam from the window

  This one from last November, a coffee shop when I should have been writing

Speaker in patterns

Another drawing from Aspen, of a woman speaking, deconstructed background

Aspen, Colorado, ideas festival

Lots of talks, lots of ideas, and a pastel color palette

Scary Cat

This is a drawing with 2 kids, about a girl who is going to go hunt for treasure after the Great Fire of London.


At the back of a conference hall, on the ipad  

City of London with murky sky

From the financial district. It had been bright blue sunny 40 minutes before.

Black and white line portraits

I’m drawing portraits for my class syllabus this quarter, of some of the people in court that we’ll be working with.

Conference coffee

On the fourth conference coffee of the day…

Portrait of a water bottle

At the end of a conference, when I have no energy for thinking any more, it comes down to the water bottle.

The Fire Cycle

The start of a toddler story…

Painting fire trucks with a toddler

We did a birthday party to make new paintings for a little boy who is a big fan of fire trucks. I made the one on the top,…

A drawn law conference

I rescued these drawings from a legal innovation conference I went to a few years ago — they are not totally clear, but at least a fleeting glimpse…

A coffee cup character

Imagining the states of a coffee cup lawyer

Tourist Notes

On the road, taking notes, Hamburg to Berlin to Copenhagen.

Boy in Hamburg Central

Sunday is when all the shops are closed, but you can still get chocolate milk.

Cafe portraits

Coffee in the air

The Bear Plane

A request from a 4 year old.

Cafe Breka, Vancouver

Two coffees and a cinnamon roll, on a tiny table with people taking shelter from Vancouver in the morning.

Granville Market in Vancouver

In a windy, rainy spring trip, a long coffee + fish sandwich in Granville Market on the island in Vancouver.

The faces of Burbank

An afternoon cafe people watching faces that pass too fast.

People in motion

Drawing all kinds of people at work, drawing black and white

Red Dots vs Color Lines

Feeling kind of Finnish, but with more color than usual.

Stanford Law School mapped

From back when I was a student. Though it hasn’t changed that much in 5 years…