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Paddle Boat watercolor

A view from the dock at Blue Lake…

Lake Mural

All the favorite things at the lake, a collaboration with 2 little ones.

Blue Lake in watercolors

A view from the front porch around 5pm

A Tram Across Melbourne

We worked on this together, 2 boys and I, during our trip to Australia last year. Don’t Hit the Wombat!

Detroit City Map

Another city map — this one from Detroit, in light blue, black and white! Available for sale at Etsy here…  

Pavia, Italy town square before the virus

The train from Amsterdam to Groningen

From the train window, Amsterdam to Groningen, sheep and clouds

What I could have bought in Amsterdam

Last November edition

It is a Starbucks actually

Groningen, when I was early for my train

Amsterdam from the window

  This one from last November, a coffee shop when I should have been writing

Aspen, Colorado, ideas festival

Lots of talks, lots of ideas, and a pastel color palette

City of London with murky sky

From the financial district. It had been bright blue sunny 40 minutes before.

Tourist Notes

On the road, taking notes, Hamburg to Berlin to Copenhagen.

Boy in Hamburg Central

Sunday is when all the shops are closed, but you can still get chocolate milk.

Cafe portraits

Coffee in the air

Cafe Breka, Vancouver

Two coffees and a cinnamon roll, on a tiny table with people taking shelter from Vancouver in the morning.

Granville Market in Vancouver

In a windy, rainy spring trip, a long coffee + fish sandwich in Granville Market on the island in Vancouver.

The faces of Burbank

An afternoon cafe people watching faces that pass too fast.

Law school graduation day

2 and a half hour ceremony from the stage, I didn’t draw until after though, my memory.

Bologna food market

A color block sketch over a long coffee and pizza in Bologna.

Copenhagen travel watercolor + line sketch

From a quick morning run through Copenhagen in chilly chilly April 1.

Seen in Bologna fashion sketches

A drawing from March’s visit to Italy, style on the street. Quick drawings in color…

Florence/Firenze teenager citywatching

After a climb to the top of the hill right outside Florence’s city center, a world of teenagers, grassy hills, and watching the city and sunset together.

Three Cacti in Scottsdale

From out the window of the lyft between hotel and airport — not much time for outdoors, but I tried.

Cafe Amelie in the French Quarter

Here is a lunch time sketch at an outdoor courtyard in New Orleans, French Quarter, at the Cafe Amelie — a foggy January early afternoon.

Pennsylvania County Map

I made a hand-drawn Pennsylvania map of the counties — with a spotlit Allegheny County for all you Pittsburghers. That county choice can be adjusted. So can the…

Helsinki on a Monday Morning

I love Finland, it is a country full of design, drawings, and quiet — and coffee houses. I arrived here this morning and am committed to several drawings…

Michael Filtercoffee, people of Belfast

A portrait from many years ago, of a man who hung out every night at the movie theater I worked at.

Blue Lake before the rain

A lazy afternoon drawing before the rain hits Blue Lake. I am going to try to draw again on every vacation — a small ritual to remember where…

On the way to Baltimore

I have started keeping a (digital) sketchbook on my trips. This one is from the commuter train between DC and Baltimore, the MARC.