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Cafe portraits

Coffee in the air

The faces of Burbank

An afternoon cafe people watching faces that pass too fast.

Law school graduation day

2 and a half hour ceremony from the stage, I didn’t draw until after though, my memory.

Los Angeles neighborhood map

I am in a city-map drawing mode, this time with a wider color palette and LA County. Find the map for purchase as a print on Etsy.

Courtyard fountain at the Getty

Watercolor markers plus pen and ink, of a plant and fountain in the Getty in LA.

Palo Alto Diagnoses

This is from a few years ago, so they might not all be the same afflictions they used to be. In case you can’t read my handwriting: 1)…

Zen Bicycling

I managed to make it one mile, from Stanford’s student union down to El Camino, without one pedal. It was slow & wonderful!

Scene from a Palo Alto cafe

A quick line drawing on red from University Ave in Palo Alto

Palo Alto Proletariat

Ritual Coffee house sketch in pinks & reds

A quick, colorized line drawing I made with my eyes never looking down at the paper. Using a contour line drawing technique my high school art made us…

Stanford Friday

Outside of the

Google Ventures at Stanford, notes on startups

Rumi Night

Coleman Barks & Martin Shaw at a Stanford Storytelling Project night tonight, in the great Memorial Church of Stanford — on Rumi and beyond.

Coho Jazz night, drawn Stanford

Monday nights in Stanford’s coffee house.

The Wikileaks Moment

some sketched out notes from a talk at Stanford a few months ago, about citizenship & government-talk back apps…

De Young Museum sketch

Stanford Bookstore Sketch

Seen at Stanford, Nerd Transportation

Actually spotted, sunset on Escondido Drive.

Stanford on a Sunday, 1

Sharpie on Manila folder from last Sunday….

Politicians vs. The Internet

Gul sketch

The Turkish president speaking at Stanford.

More Stanford clothes

Spring skirt flowers

Another drawing of beautiful clothes around Stanford.

Stanford Dress

A beautiful dress I saw yesterday.

Stanford fashion, Gsb

An outfit I saw at the business school at Stanford, I’ve been sketching beautiful outfits and color combinations I see around campus.

The Stanford Bicyclist

This is the quintessential bicyclist of Stanford. Never too many things to get done while riding around on your bicycle. Tshirt too!

Drawn Stanford, Lagunita Sunset

Drawn Stanford, Eleanor Rigby at Coupa

Stanford Bikes in the rain

A Stanfordarchy