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In the forest

Red line still life


At the back of a conference hall, on the ipad  

The Bear Plane

A request from a 4 year old.

People in motion

Drawing all kinds of people at work, drawing black and white

The Magic Garbage Truck

The Magic garbage Truck, a co-production of my 2-year old and myself. He tells me what to draw and I do my best.

Creative family lump characters

I’ve been drawing these little characters on my phone, and made a fabric-print pattern of them on a bright green background, or on light pink. They are a…

The Brazilian Tree

A color explosion, with some fun with lines and shapes.

Rain Tree with Vines

Another Drawing Club creation, from a trip to SF Botanical Garden on New Years Day. I draw and my 2 year old accents with scribbles and lines.

New Crayon Flowers

We got a huge pack of luxurious Korean oil crayons for Christmas morning. Here’s a page worth of flower doodles with them.

Rough sketches on teal

An old drawing, from a few years ago, trying to plan out some possible t-shirt designs

I am not a Potato

An illustrated quote I attribute to my baby, protesting his parents’ incessant food-to-baby metaphors.   

Lily Pads on squiggles

  Another phone sketch, trying out different drawing apps. This one is from Samsung’s notebook app.

Doodles on blue dots

A passing the time sketch on my phone

Red and yellow

Baby dreams of milk

Baltimore Neighborhood Map

Blossom on Vine

A Peopleverse, Black and White on Blue

A large collection of faces & bodies that I drew over the course of yesterday, filling up every bit of space I could & experimenting with different faces,…

Kids drawings, layered & layered

This drawing was made over the course of an evening at a family home in Turkey on an iPad, using the app Procreate. The iPad got passed around,…

Flowers on yellow

Balik – Turkish Fish Print

Cup on a Bed

Simit character

A drawing from a recent trip to Turkey — of the Turkish bagel simit, reimagined as a happy-go-lucky character.

Heads sketch

Rorshach Bruise

A quick sketch I had made for a Roller Derby poster for a friend — an arm bruise in the shape of a Rorschach test.

Scribble Sketch in blue


Here are some illustrations I made for another project.

Dayton Neighborhood Map

Color sketches