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The Katherine Doll

A doll I made this past December!

3 Dolls

I sold them (I think I did….) in Cincinnati last September.

Three Girl Dolls

Homer the Boy Doll

This was one of the first dolls I ever made back around 2007, from felt, an old men’s shirt, a black sweatshirt, and a blue airplane blanket (smuggled…

2 Days in NY

My dolls (and here’s the making of Chris Rock), now in the movie poster for the upcoming film 2 Days in New York….

Beatrice Doll with Red Dress and Plaid Legs

A doll that is about a foot and a half tall, with a dress made out of red vinyl, big hair, long legs — up for sale on…

Girl with blue glasses, long legs

Shes almost 3 ft tall, very generously proportioned, and w flower sewn onto her turquoise dress. Red shoes, long legs, blue glasses! For sale on etsy now!

A Lemur for Jasmeet

It’s new territory, lemur territory, as requested by Jasmeet for a special birthday last week.  I got him done in an evening — record time for a new…