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Venice Biennale sketch

From my notebook in July, a sketch of a talk by the director of Venice Biennale

Postal Service design notes sketch

From one of my d.school classes a while back, here is a quick sketchnote I made while listening to US Postal Service workers, who were requesting design help…

Hartmut Esslinger on creatives & innovation

Sketched Negotiation Styles, part 1

Three of five negotiating styles, profiled from my sketchy notes from law school Negotiation class.   A wallpaper-gift wrap print of my drawings from Negotiation class collaged together…

Drawn Finance, How to Lose Money

Some sketched out principles about how (not) to manage your investment portfolio. Drawn in my Finance class!

Drawn Negotiation

Illustrated Tax Flow: When an employee gets free services

Another illustrated flowchart, from income tax law!

Public Spaces

A short sketchnote I made of possible ways to build public spaces, in discussion of architecture, refugee camps, and quality of life…

Drawn Negotiation: Bargaining Range

I have been drawing up my notes from ‘Negotiation’ class. Here is a first one…

Sketchnote on Public Speaking

Notes on startups

Drawn Law: Constructive Notice

This is from a 1st year law sketch, from the class on Torts. If an accident happens to you, should you have known that it would — in…

Hello Startups! Follow these rules.

This is not legal advice, just a summary of some other speakers’ points at Stanford Law events about entrepreneurs + law.

Our Privacy Online

The Endowment Effect

A small note from the recent visit by Alessandro Acquisti to our privacy and technology class.

Design A Day: How to file a law suit

Another flow chart from my sketchbook from Civil Procedure — this time taking on one of the four components of filing a lawsuit — serving notice on your…