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The Wikileaks Moment

some sketched out notes from a talk at Stanford a few months ago, about citizenship & government-talk back apps…

Seen at Stanford, Nerd Transportation

Actually spotted, sunset on Escondido Drive.

Nuray Mert on Turkey as Role Model

From a talk at Stanford…

Stanford on a Sunday, 1

Sharpie on Manila folder from last Sunday….

On Access to Law, the problem

Michael Ignatieff on Partisanship

Politicians vs. The Internet

How Can the Govt Be More Innovative?

Gul sketch

The Turkish president speaking at Stanford.

Jack Goldsmith on presidential power and war on terror

More Stanford clothes

Spring skirt flowers

Another drawing of beautiful clothes around Stanford.

Apps for Citizenship

Another drawn talking head from a conference at Stanford last March, on how technology can be used to improve governance.

Stanford Dress

A beautiful dress I saw yesterday.

Notes on startups

Stanford fashion, Gsb

An outfit I saw at the business school at Stanford, I’ve been sketching beautiful outfits and color combinations I see around campus.

Peter Thiel, Enemies and Tech

From a recent class on entrepreneurship at Stanford.

Bill Drayton of Ashoka, on social entrepreneurship

Can Bureaucrats Innovate? Bryan Sivak

A cartoon talking head of Bryan Sivak from the SAID conference at Stanford, this year on ‘Rethinking Reform Innovations in Improving Governance’ from back in March.

Abdullah Gul, president of Turkey

A portrait from his talk at Stanford today.

Our Privacy Online

The Endowment Effect

A small note from the recent visit by Alessandro Acquisti to our privacy and technology class.

The Stanford Bicyclist

This is the quintessential bicyclist of Stanford. Never too many things to get done while riding around on your bicycle. Tshirt too!

Freedom, at the law library

The Eggplant Grenade

from a YouTube video out of Syria, from dissidents, that I saw at Stanford’s Arab Satire event last week

Safe Mathare stories

An outreach poster I made for my team Safe Mathare, that is gathering good ideas for how to make women’s daily commutes safer in Mathare Valley, Nairobi.

Mobile Money, Joshua Blumenstock

Drawn thoughts on human trafficking

Some drawn notes from a recent Stanford University panel on The Context of Human Trafficking.

Judge Alex Kozinski on privacy + tech

Drawn Stanford, Lagunita Sunset