Decal Bags: Snowflakes, Mandalas, and Dancing Dork Girls

I’ve been dreaming up different scenes to sew onto small tote bags/medium purses.  In the meantime, before fullblown domestic scenes, I’m experimenting with patterned circles and dancing figures.  My favorite are the snowflakes — using fabric or interfacing instead of the usual printer paper — which only take a few minutes to design and cut, and much longer to attach to the bag fabric.  I’ve used the scraps from the cutting to form into other larger shapes, etiehr in a circle or striping across the bag.

I found some mandalas I had painted onto fabric back in Budapest, when I discovered a great little pamphlet (in Hungarian) all about designing complex circles.  So I cut out the painted circles, backed them up with some old blanket, and affixed them to a deep turquoise canvas.

Finally, Girls in Glasses and Dresses doing dance moves!  I love making girls, here they will travel around on bags while practicing relatively easy moves.  Later I’ll move onto some West Side Story routines, for now, my bag girls will do a little Mashed Potato.  More of these to come!  And hopefully I can finish up the actual bags in the next week and get them up on Etsy!