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Yarnbombing my own yard (plus plant-bombing too)

I have wanted to do lots of public art — murals, yarn bombs, street art, painted sidewalks. But there are lots of rules and warnings about how to…

Painted planter transformation: plastic to fantastic

I am doing lots of painting with the kids, and using all kinds of surfaces to decorate. I took one of the hanging black Planters that’s been around…

Drawn onesies

Last weekend we had a small baby preparation party, in which we all got blank onesies and then had a whole table full of markers to use, to…

South Belfast fabric quilt

I made this blanket with scraps of fabric, of a crazy night in South Belfast, the area around Queen’s University, with all the students out when the pubs…

Boy Necklace with shrinky dinks

I’ve been experimenting with Shrinky Dinks, Sharpies, and colored pencils to make some art. Here is one I made by drawing a boy’s face in profile with sharpie…

Felt Flower Petal bib necklace

From the back of the craft pile — an experiment in colored felt, to make a bib necklace using lots of little felt cut outs from another craft…

Chalk on fabric drawing

I have a series of drawing of this funny little carved butcher man, that I had to do for an art class back in early college years. Here…

The Soviet Quilt

This two-day quilt was from way back in 2000, for a University of Chicago undergraduate scavenger hunt. Each year, the hunt leaders issue a list of crazy items…

Hand-drawn strawberry print elbow patches

In the luxury of New Year’s vacation, I’ve been repairing some of my favorite clothes. One project that has been stewing for a while is adding elbow patches…

Drawn Banana

For a quick dschool class experiment

LED Robot creature

I made my first circuit at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where they let visitors experiment with making DIY projects, including with electronics.  I made this monster card, in…

Braided Necklace

From the scraps of embroidery floss, with some wire woven in, and then attached to a leather piece, with a basic necklace chain.

Woman in Fabric, portrait

A doll face I had made a while back, but I don’t think I’ll make a doll out of it. Perhaps I will applique it onto a bag…

Stamps from Lucy

A little collage of just some of the stamps I’ve received from Lucy, and her wonderful correspondence.

Leather Drawn Necklace

Beaded Swatch Necklace

Using a piece of beadwork I had done back as a teenager, I attached the square swatch to a few metal loops and a metal chain to make…

Sweet Potato Portrait

Very creepy, a la Francis Bacon, I realize.

Law School Dojo tshirts

I made these two shirts last night for my app beta launch tomorrow — Law School Dojo! I used jacquard fabric paints, sharpies, and iron on fabric transfers…

The Katherine Doll

A doll I made this past December!

Philatelic Crafting with Lucy

The Pittsburgh/Foreigner Totebag

A one-off tote bag I made from a screenprint of Pittsburgh houses I had drawn, along with some hand-stenciled & painted letters, spelling out Foreinger.  As a gift…

Art House

Martha Stewart take note!

Upholstery iPad Sleeves

Some more sleeves, all from upholstery fabric samplers! Most are for sale over at Etsy. Happy shopping!

iPad Sleeves!

I put some fabric iPad sleeves on Etsy for sale, all from upholstery fabric samplers, or from white canvas that I drew up with sharpies…

Circle trees

Sharpie on fabric, for an ipd cover.

Tree on fabric

A drawing on fabric, with tee juice paint markers. Made it a few months ago, now to be refashioned into a Macbook case….

12 faces

Black fabric marker on heavy white fabric — to be used in making either an iPad or a MacBook Air Sleeve.

Fabric drawings

This is going to be an iPad cover, for now it is raspberry sharpie on canvas…

Fabric iPad Sleeves

these are three iPad sleeves made from upholstery fabrics, with some lining inside to pad and protect. More to come!

Homer the Boy Doll

This was one of the first dolls I ever made back around 2007, from felt, an old men’s shirt, a black sweatshirt, and a blue airplane blanket (smuggled…