The Beechview Project: Up & Atem on Broadway Avenue

So Pittsburgh is hot, sticky hot.  1619 Broadway Avenue is hotter, though.  And what does that mean?  One thing: duct tape war!  I decided it was the easiest way to hang my talking heads in Beechview.  I tried a few bouts of hanging, securing, rehanging, resecuring, and the sun won every time.  Duct tape melted, circle heads collapsed, repeat.  But today I got the twine and needles out, and knotted & sewed the heads up to the window-frame, so fingers crossed I’ve finally bested my nemesis sun.

Tomorrow: 6 new talking heads!  Now that I’ve learned my July lesson, no more duct tape, no more glue, nothing more that could melt, bubble, drip, or burst.  Back to the basics — staples, jute and straight pins.  We’ll see how I’m defeated next time…