Margaret Hagan - About Razblint

Drawings & dolls can be purchased — come to http://razblint.etsy.com, see what’s up today. Each of the drawings on the site can be purchased, just click on the links above each image for sizes & details.

You can commission a doll or a drawing … anything is possible!

My dolls have been featured in Paper Magazine,
and they have been in the 2012 July Delpy film 2 Days in New York.

My artwork has been profiled in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
used in the Stanford Lawyer magazine,
and included in The Washington Post’s Style Blog.

Anything else? Just write to Margaret {at} MargaretHagan {dot} Com. And follow me on Twitter, @MargaretHagan !

All of the projects are by Margaret, unless indicated otherwise. Thanks for visiting!

Final question: What does Razblint mean? Answer: Nothing.


  1. Cara

    Your law school drawings are fabulous!!!! Perfect little study guides, or charming diversions, I love them. Thanks from a 1L at the University of New Mexico School of Law.

    • admin

      Thanks! Good luck on your exams, hope the drawings give a little bit of help 😉 Margaret

  2. Ned Young

    Hey M!
    Still loving what you do – just saw your Singapre Postcard picture and love it. Can I order a print to be sent to Belfast or do you only send to USA?
    Hope you are doing grand,

    • admin

      Hey Ned! How is Belfast?
      Sure, I can ship anywhere 😀
      Greetings from California!!

  3. Itir

    I love your illustration “Did You Know: Everything Is Turkish”. You couldn’t have summarized stereotypical beliefs and habits of Turks better! Having grown up there, I can definitely say that your observations are very accurate!

    • admin

      Thanks! That is high praise 😀

  4. Selene Song

    I love all of your drawings, specially drawings about Turkey.
    I just came home from Istanbul after two weeks of vacation. It was awesome! May I ask you which tool you are using when you draw?


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