Dana in Jerusalem



Margaret, you are sooo brilliant! I was looking for this now that I have my own office door to hang it on 🙂 And it made me laugh again, I’m so happy that you made it. Do you think I should print it out segment by segment? I guess that’s the only way right?
Xxx! Dana

oh I could clean them up and have them printed:D it would be in January when I’m back in California, I have a printing set-up there:D just let me know about sizing, I can print them as you like them!!!

Thanks Margaret! I really didn’t expect this, so please don’t trouble yourself if this is too much. Don’t know about the sizing, I will leave it up to you. As long as it’s legible, it can be small like a comic strip or a bit bigger. Whatever you think. I’m going to a workshop in Berkeley Feb 18-22. Would it be easier to meet?