Aron and Margaret Make a Three Antlered Moose Head

Beware Sarah Palin!  Aron is the biggest Moose Afficionado I know, and when he came to visit me in Belfast some months + a year ago, we went down to the insanely-named CRAFTWORLD! in center city to snatch up some felt and stuffing, and craft together a giant severed Moose Head.  It has two faces and three antlers.  Kind of like a football or a rocket ship, I can imagine this having great biological potential if we could convert it from felt  into flesh.  But we have not explored that frontier yet, instead we just resolved to make one half dorky with big glasses and yellow eyes, the other half more regal — green moustache anyone?

Aron got to keep him!  He smuggled him across the Atlantic, now the Rocket Ship Moose Head lives in North Chicago.  I should be claiming visitation rights, you’re on notice, Aron.

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I should be sad for him to fly away leaving me but spent rocket fuel scorching the air about me. Though you would certaintly be within your rights.