The Sally Wiggin Doll

I know it’s probably (definitely) illegal for me to be using the image of Sally Wiggin for purposes of my own, but she is my favorite newscaster in Pittsburgh.  And this doll is a cartoon version of her, not an actual Sally Wiggin face, so WTAE, don’t sue me.

My Sally Wiggin doll, she’s a Pittsburgh sports fanatic — friends with all the Bobblehead Pirates of years past, and her favorite is Jack Wilson (pronounced, like the PNC Park announcer, as one word, i.e.,” JacKWILson”).  She enjoys the New Yorker, she’s held the Stanley Cup, and she has the nicest legs in the city.

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i am a producer in pittsburgh doing an interview show with sally. just curious — has anyone ever bought one of these dolls? And… what made you make this? are you based in pgh?