Michael Jantze at the Toonseum

Somehow we found a parking space among the Brown Snow Mountains on Liberty Avenue in time to see Michael Jantze speak at the Toonseum.  He was visiting from a (snowy) Savannah, he teaches at Savannah College of Art + Design.

The theme of the night?  His studio’s new online comics work.  A short overview:

He’s the creator of the strip The Norm, and he’s playing around with putting comics into motion, but not full steam animation. Comic strips would be viewable online, with the “the paper experience” preserved.

My favorite of his clips was Mr. Lux. He was born as a corporate tool, to socialize service staff into five star work — it reminded me of a recent New Yorker short on the secret life of hotel concierges, even though Mr. Lux shows no signs of psychological dissonance.