On legal flow charts…

I made these both a while back, but I’m thinking of how to revamp them — to make them a little more clear, spaced out, and usable…

Law - Mistake Defenses 8 x 10

Most other legal flow charts I find online are products of Excel, Powerpoint, or Word — so I know there must be a better way to lay out information and possible pathways.  I will be working on a few different examples to test out which make best sense.Law - How to file a lawsuit

I have found XMind, open-source software which allows for easy mind-mapping and flowchart making.  It has the option to customize fonts and styles, to get a little more of the hand-drawn feeling, and less of the Powerpoint frumpiness.


I am hunting for someone to create a hand drawn flow chart, and I happened upon your site. I love the samples I saw! My project is much simpler, but the style would be similar. If you are interested and have time in the next 10 days, please let me know. If not, I’d appreciate any references! Many thanks.