Commission a drawing

I am here & waiting for your commissions.

Send me your ideas, sketches, and brainstorms, I will draw them out for you. I have made t-shirt designs, comic portraits, birthday cards, law school illustrations, magazine graphics, and comic strips upon request.  Whatever you like!

Prices negotiable — just ask!  Write here: margaret AT margarethagan DOT com

Razblint - Commission Drawings - Me




  1. Andrew Rizzardo

    I would like a small drawing of the Hindu God Ganesha dressed up in the traditional robe and hat of a Chinese or Korean Confucian Scholar.

  2. I would like to see a mock up of special education law; checks and balances; federal v. state rights; types of law.

  3. Patricia M Mirando

    I would love to buy a poster size pittsburgh neighborhood drawing!



  4. Stephen

    Would love to see a neighborhood drawing of Lexington, KY. Are you still taking commissions?

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