Monster/Cat Portrait Mirror

Thanks to God’s Helping Hand’s bounty of weird fabric remnants, I made off with two luxurious swatches of white furry fabric.
So finally I found a good use for it: A Monster Mirror! Also known as a Cat Mirror, as it was interpreted by many of the browsers at the Union Project sale.
Fabric Mirror - The Monster Goes Rarr
I cannot put into words how much I enjoy this mirror, and I am very happy that my new sewing ally Suz also loved it, and bought it.

She also promised lots more furry kinds of fabric, maybe some velvets too, so a whole new crop of soft little monsters will be emerging soon!  Now I am making a spate more to go up on Etsy and next week’s sale at the Union Project fundraiser.  Attack of the Cat Monsters — faces yet to be determined.
Fabric Mirror - The Monster Goes Rarr (1)
Here are the four fabric portrait mirrors I made, and another shopper at the Union Project recommended I do some Mohawks, some side profiles, a sun or two, and straight haired ladies instead of just wild haired ones. The list goes on!

Fabric Mirror - the collection