Puerto Rico, Things I Love pt. 3

On Three Kings Day, we visited The Poets Passage on Calle Cruz.  So terrific!  I was transfixed by the bouncing heads of wooden turtles — I bought a family of three to import/deport to Pittsburgh — and Ksenia went for the poetry prints.  We got talking to the couple running the shop for the holiday — every week the shop hosts readings + open mic time, that you can hear podcast here.

Thiings I Love - Puerto Rico - The Poets Passage

The store is owned by a couple, the man is Nicholas Thomassin, an artist (who does the tiles of Old San Juan below), and the woman, Lady Lee Andrews, is a poet.  The store sells other artists’ work — like the little kids’ face tiles — excellent!  They also own Mi Piqueno San Juan – where they make reproductions of Old San Juan buildings.  I cannot get enough!

The Poets Passage - Kids Face Collage