The Flower Ball, or The Kusudama

The Kusudama Ball Spin Animated Circle Black on White Slower 357
Eleven years ago, in Chicago, I discovered modular origami.  I made fourteen pointed stars, swan wreaths, loopy concoctions, and this — my favorite –The Flower Ball, or Kusudama: Ball Origami, from Japanese).  Here was my first one, crafted in room 634, third floor of Coulter House, Burton Judson Courts.

The Kusudama Flower Ball Modular Origami Project
The paper itself has faded, but the insides, that I had colored with oil pastels, have lasted.  After doing this colored-in one, I made others out of stiffened fabrics, wrapping paper, and card stock.   They were all generally Head-Sized, though maybe I’ll start to make some mini-ones out of the past year’s crop of Christmas Cards + Law School Brochures.

If you want to make your own, there’s a wonderful 2 part Tutorial over at Folding Trees.

Flower Ball Kusudama - Folding Trees Tutorial