Tony Novosel: The Man. The Legend. The Tote Bag.

So it is here, in quantities!  The Official Acquaintance of Tony Novosel tote bag.  We’ve got it in Irish Green, Communist Red, and Millhunk Black prints, whichever kind of Tony Novosel you prefer!  Over on my Etsy site, you can order away. Each tote bag is 12 dollars — 5 of which goes straight to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Tony’s chosen charity.  (and if you’d rather not bother with Etsy, just send me an order via email:!)

And above, witness the Official Tony Novosel Approval Ceremony, where he receives his honorary tote bag, which he then signs over to me and announces to the entire world that I am his long-lost illegitimate daughter.   And we both look like psychotic!


I feel so honoured to be the first…. must get Tony to sign it in May. when are you coming home to us???