Art Underwear: Drawn Books

Razblint - Drawn Art Underwear - Vs NAipaul - Among the Believers

Experiments in drawing continue, onto black and brown cotton underwear, with white screenprinting ink.  I’ve been drawing book still lives — V.S. Naipaul’s Among the Believers, then Virgina Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, and then Ryszard Kapuczinski’s Imperium.  There they are, across just the back stretch of the underwear, detailed as ever.  And for sale on Etsy soon enough….Razblint - Drawn Art Underwear - Virginia WOolf - Mrs DallowayRazblint - Drawn Art Underwear - Ryszard Kapuczinski - Imperium


Everything on the site is by me, Margaret Hagan. Thanks for your appreciation! A few of the pairs are still for sale, and I’m always happy to draw some more…