The Polish Kitchen shirt, as a winner

Jacquard makes a range of markers for drawing and inking fabrics — and they run a weekly contest for the best designs made with their products.  Last week I submitted my Polish Kitchen shirt, one of the first tshirts I ever drew all the way back in Babimost,  & got word today that it won.  Which means $111.68 worth of more fabric markers for me.  Thank you Tee Juice!


I was just curious what kind of markers u used to make this shirt. I am a designer and have and elaborate design to do on a corset . please email me

Hey! I use a mix. Sometimes I use Sharpies and then heat set them several times (iron, iron, hot dryer),. Other times I use fabric markers from Tee Juice. Heat setting is still important! Hope that helps šŸ˜€