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I’m the Prop Master for a film called “Two Days in New York”. The film opens on a ‘puppet show’ that Marion (July Delpy) is putting on for her 2 year old. The show stars dolls she has made her self, representing herself, her ex-lover Jack (Adam Goldberg), July’s Delpy’s real-life father, her movie sister Rose, and a security guard that Rose ends up with.

I stumbled on your website, love your dolls, and wonder if you’d be interested in creating the dolls for at least the Marion and Jack characters. We begin filming on Oct. 11 and would hope to have the dolls in hand soon.

Please let me know if you’re interested and an idea of what you would charge (We’re low budget but the dolls open and close the movie so are extremely important).


Jeff Butcher
718 930 8092

Please let me know if you are interested

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