The Beechview Project: The Talking Heads

Onto the next stage of The Beechview Project!  Thanks to lots of responses to my calls for thoughts on Beechview, I’ve prepared the first crop of 9 talking heads, for display in 1619 Broadway.  They’ll go up tomorrow.

I have to take some pride in my thriftiness here — altogether, they cost just $5.29 to print out — 15″ circles printed out in 4×6″ glossy photo tiles.  Thanks CVS!  I cut them out and assembled them onto thick cardboard circles I cut out from old computer screen boxes.  The photo tiles were Elmer glued on, and then the cardboard circles were straightpinned onto a wide swath of ribbon.  Tomorrow, I’ll tie the ribbon up above the window, so that the 9 will hang as a grid in one of the giant 1619 windows.

I still need more responses for the next 9 circles, so come leave feedback if you haven’t already!