Drawn Shirt: Passport to Turkmenistan

Razblint - Drawn Shirt - My Front Backpack Pocket - The Turkmen Passport TshirtAnother drawn shirt, Wednesday afternoon as I was going through an old backpack’s front pocket, these are all the things I discovered.  The Turkmen Passport (thank you to Ilaman and Oraz for helping me hunt one down in an Ashgabat street market!), invitations to a Cyberpunk Apocalypse, Penn Future business card, Human Rights Center name tag, two Port Authority month passes, a seemingly large amount of Polish money, Fossil Free Fuel card, and some air mail stickers.  Passport goes up front, naturally, as I continue my quest to do something important or strange enough to be awarded honorary Turkmen citizenship….

For now, it’s up for sale on Etsy, adult medium, cerulean blue!